Meet the Team

The Dianis Family
Allison, Scott, Elise and Nathan

Charles Kelly, Lexi Kelly, and Hallie Allen helped with the build process.

Our float design features elements from nature found in Andover, MA. The float uses energy from the flowing water of the Shawsheen River to drive motion of an Eastern Phoebe in flight. Two water wheels positioned in the river turn as the river water flows, driving a central axle to turn. The central axle includes an offset at the center which is connected to the bird’s body and drives motion up and down from an equilibrium point. The two water wheels include a set of brown trout and river herring, both of which are native to the Shawsheen River. As the water wheels turn, the fish swim and jump upstream toward their spawning grounds. The four corners include two willow trees and two clumps of cattails, which are commonly found along the Shawsheen watershed. The flashing lights found both around the tree branches and floating above the raft represent fireflies. Sounds are typical natural sounds along the marsh in the evening.