In June 2021 the Town of Andover approached Challenge Me Inc. with an interesting challenge of their own:  Would our group consider helping them light up a local river as part of the Andover375 celebrations?

The original idea was to anchor and float fire barrels up and down the river, which would have been beautiful, but we’re DI and our imaginations immediately took us on a wild ride.  We envisioned sculptures, water driven moving parts, tall fountains, glorious windmills, and everything involved lots and lots of fire.

We toned it down a bit (we wanted to maintain a good working relationship with the fire department!) and it resulted in six unique float tops and one core base.  On September 25th, these designs became reality and were displayed alongside the Shawsheen River near the Balmoral playground, illuminated at night as the grand finale of the Andover Thrives Community Day.  The Birthday Cake was IN the river!

Check out this recap video from the Andover Thrives Community Day on 9/25!


Meet the Team!

An incredible group of people came together and volunteered to design and build these amazing creations.  Click a name below to learn more about that individual or family.