Appraiser Registration Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to become an appraiser (tournament official) at a Regional Tournament! Volunteer Appraisers are the lifeblood of a DI Tournament. Each Tournament needs about 100 volunteers and appraisers to run smoothly, and to provide the best experience for the kids. We thank you for making DI possible for hundreds of local children.

 We need the most Appraisers for the Central Challenges, and what Appraisers do is watch all the performances of a specific challenge and score several line items. After each performance, Appraisers talk to the team and ask them how they did things, what they made, what they enjoyed about DI, etc. Then they write compliments to share with the team and record their scores. It’s really fun to see the creativity of all the teams and to watch in awe how each team has a completely different solution for the same challenge!  It’s a chance to be entertained and help kids feel more comfortable performing in front of a group and talking extemporaneously about what they created with adults. It’s a huge part of what makes DI so special; kids get to feel comfortable sharing their ideas and accomplishments with caring adults who want to listen to them!  There are other appraiser roles that you can read about here.

To register as an appraiser for a team (so that the team gets credit for providing an appraiser), you must have the team number.  You can obtain this number from the Team Manager.  You should also know whether you want to appraise at our regional tournament or at another regional tournament.  Please note that if you choose to appraise at our regional tournament, you may not be able to watch your child’s team perform.  The Regional Tournament locations and dates are here.


Choosing to be an appraiser is a two day commitment.  You must attend a full day appraiser training  in January or February that takes place on a weekend day (see Calendar for this year’s dates).  Then you must appraise at a regional tournament for a full day that takes place on a weekend day in March.


You can list preferences for the appraiser job you would like.  The different appraiser roles are here.  You can also list a preference for the challenge.  A brief description of the 2019-2020 challenges are here.  If you are a parent, you should not sign up to appraise the challenge your child’s team is doing.  If you are a team manager, you cannot appraise your team’s challenge or an Instant Challenge.


If you do not have an account at MADI, you must register for an account prior to signing up to be an appraiser.  You can register here.

Please click here to register as an appraiser at MADI.