Meet the Team

Prem Balasubramanian

Biga Ganesh

Stephanie Maze-Hsu

Ohad Mamet

Sriniketh Velagapudi

Our float is designed to combine water, lights and colors in an ever changing array of designs. We used black PVC pipe to create a standing frame that holds strips of LED lights sandwiched between sheets of plexiglass. Our hope is that the black color of the PVC pipes will act as camouflage when it’s dark so it appears the water curtain is standing alone. 

Some of the interesting features of the design of the frame include water pumps designed to pull water up the frame and pour it over the plexiglass to alter the look of the lights. The lighting designs will resemble water droplets racing down the frame as if the water was a curtain of droplets that change colors. The float, at the beginning of the ever changing lighting design, proudly flashes 3-7-5 to celebrate Andover Thrives at 375!